My “Hero’s Journey”

I provide guidance for those seeking direction or to make a change in their life (or in their business). Together we seek out the true essence of who you are (or the personality of your business) and then we find authentic ways to show up in the world and best ways to maximize your strengths. I provide Reiki Healing, Consulting Services and I teach people healing techniques they can use throughout their lifetime.

I come from a creative marketing communication background (having worked in television for over 25+ years at places like Nickelodeon and Bravo). While learning marketing from the best of the best, I was burning out fast and discovered Reiki as a way to relieve my own stress and anxiety. Informally, I began doing Reiki treatments for my co-workers in the office after meetings or during a tough day. It evolved into a side hustle and now a full time business. I even co-host a podcast called YOUR PRACTICAL MAGIC with a friend who I met at work who was also fleeing the corporate world to launch her own holistic healing practice.

With the entire planet going through a major shift and reset, people have been forced to be quiet, still and reflect on if this is the life they want to be living. I’ve been working with so many people to use this time to reinvent themselves, go off roading and explore what other paths are out there and — most importantly — learn as many tools as they can use to help themselves go from stuck to start and really live their most authentic life.

Over the past several years, I was sort of hanging by a thread between two worlds. The “safe” corporate world with benefits and a steady paycheck that also came with a pair of golden handcuffs and this more authentic space where I could use my natural talents and gifts to help others really fly. 

I had the famous Anais Nin quote at my desk that says, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  After doing a ton of work on myself, I stopped wistfully thinking “someday” and I stepped through the fear to get to the bloom part. And it worked! 

One of the many takeaways from this journey is that so many of us are afraid to just jump into the deep end of the pool. So, bear with me as I share this analogy, I take them to the side of the pool and show them how to slowly climb down the ladder at a rate they are comfortable and with proximity to the side so they can hang on if they are still scared. But before you know it, they are fearlessly flipping off the high dive. We all are and that is where the fun and magic collide.

I am a messenger. More and more I’m seeing how my background especially in copywriting and brand messaging overlaps with the naturally intuitive guidance that I’ve been giving to people since I was a kid. I see my holistic healing practice, my podcast and my marketing company infusing and growing upwards (like when you see a tree that’s really made up of a few trees). And I see thousands of individuals and businesses influenced by and thriving from my ideas, optimism and encouragement.

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