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  1. Hello. My name is Tina. In 2001, my husband and I, began doing fertility treatments when we learned that for several reasons we would have some difficulty in me getting pregnant. After a year of unsuccessful invitro fertilization procedures, and hundreds of needles, sickness from the medication and stress and thousands of dollars spent; we decided to try one more time before considering adoption or taking a break for a while from the procedures.

    Gen and I worked together at the time and because of her spirit, her kindness, intelligence and friendship, I confided in her about my inability to get pregnant. At the time she was studying Reiki and offered to do a session for me. I had never heard of Reiki and I did not understand how it could work, but I trusted Gen and I knew that not just needles and surgery were the only answers.

    She created a quiet environment and a trusting space where it only felt like she and I were the only two people who mattered. It was very relaxing and as she began, she told me where she could tell where my trouble areas were. She never touched me, but was able to sense where my stress was. I had never told her, but she was right. Initially I felt odd, because we’re wired to not consider holistic methods, but it only took minutes for me to believe this could work.

    She took her time and had deliberate movements that she did to work through the areas that were blocking me and affecting my well being. Afterward, I felt a mild sensation of relaxation, which was rare for me. Along with Gen providing me with a Reiki session, I took acupuncture. Those were the only two things I did differently prior to my last invitro-session.

    I’m so happy to say that, after the Reiki and the acupuncture, we were blessed with the most wonderful boy. I have always believed that Gen’s Reiki and the acupuncture made the difference in me becoming pregnant.

    I highly recommend Gen and if I still lived in New York, I would be one of her clients today. She is one of the most genuine, positive, encouraging, uplifting and trust worthy people I know. And she made a meaningful difference in my life when I needed it most.


  2. I have known Gennifer for thirty years. She has been innovative and a kind leader since I have known her. She is relatable, connected and is able to brighten even the most stressful days without effort. Gennifer is a true healer.

  3. I used to work with Gennifer…and because of her outgoing and friendly personality, I found she was someone I was able to confide in. My husband and I were trying to start a family back in 2003/2004…but were having trouble holding the pregnancies. According to specialists, my cycle was too long, and the eggs that were being released were too “old” and weren’t forming into healthy embryos.
    Gennifer offered Reiki…and though I felt a little weird doing this in the office, she made it comfortable and private. We found a conference room (that conveniently had a massage table!!! I’m still not sure why it was there…) and used it during our lunch breaks.
    I really enjoyed my Reiki experience with Gennifer. I was pleased to find that it is relaxing, and I definitely felt more peaceful and somehow secure after each session.
    Gen really is such a positive person, who doesn’t let the seriousness of any situation bring her down. I’ve also never forgotten that Orange is supposed to be a fertile color. 🙂 She really made my ordeal much more pleasant than it should have/could have been (and my wardrobe also featured more color because of her).
    Today, I am the proud mother of three daughters…

  4. Gennifer is a wonderful reiki therapist — and what I would call a born healer living her calling. From the moment I met her, I felt comfortable and at ease. She exudes positive energy. If you’re looking for someone who is caring, compassionate and kind, and who lives her practice in every way, I recommend her highly.

  5. Gennifer is an amazing person. She is always so positive, relaxed and caring. Just had an amazing Reiki session this past weekend and I left feeling so centered balanced and relaxed. I can’t say enough about how much she cares about her family, friends and clients. She is truly someone you would feel comfortable with a minute after meeting her. I highly recommend Gennifer and Reiki Genergy! I can’t wait until my next session! It is something I believe everyone must try!

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