Reiki Positivity Coaching

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Since the 1970s I’ve been helping others feel empowered, embrace their true essence and pivot as needed to live a happy life. I say since the 1970s because my schoolmates and camp friends from back then tell me how I haven’t changed and often share a story about how I coached them decades ago through a difficult situation.

In addition to completing a dozens of classes, programs and certificates (from Dealing with Difficult People to Positive Psychology to Reiki I, II and III), I have also used my own life experience to guide others.

I’m intuitive, fun, transparent and very open to share my successes and hardships to help others through their own transformation.

Me on a good day!
“Anxiety is contagious, so is calm.”

My sunshine is your sunshine.

Me on a less-good day.
“Mood: Mercury in Retrograde”

Even on a tougher day, I still keep my sense of humor.

Schedule a 20 min consultation with me and then you can decide if you’d like to move ahead.